Election Day! Remember to Get Out and Vote Republican Column 2!

It’s finally here!  In one of the most important elections in our lifetime, we finally have the chance to throw Corrupt Bob Menendez out of the Senate, and send in a Marine – someone NJ can be proud of – Bob Hugin!

Our Congressman Leonard Lance may be all that stands in the way of Speaker Pelosi!  How do we know? The Washington Democrats hand picked his opponent Tom Malinowski – who has never lived in the 7th District – and parachuted him from DC into NJ.

We can keep Somerset County the best County to live in NJ by reelecting our Freeholders Patrick Scaglione and Mark Caliguire!

And we can keep our Borough the special place it is by electing a team we can be proud of – Mary Jane Canose for Mayor, and John Donahue & Lloyd Sems for Council!

Bernardsville – and you – might be the deciding vote in all of these races!  So please take 10 minutes and cast your vote from 6am to 8pm today!  If you need information on where to vote, you can check our site here.

Today, Tuesday November 6 – Vote Column 2!  Vote the Republican Ticket!


Donahue and Sems work toward Downtown solutions while O’Dea tries to steal the credit!

Tom O’Dea has been caught lying again.  He has been spewing misinformation that Republicans don’t care about the downtown and that the Democrats are the only ones that have done anything. In actuality, he is taking credit for the volunteerism of others, and specifically taking credit for the hard work of our Republican candidates for council and their bipartisan approach to problem solving.  

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