No shame for the Democrats

Here is a must read opinion piece by Noah Rothman in Commentary Magazine, regard the Star Ledger’s shameful endorsement of Bob Menendez.  You can read it here in the magazine and we also copied it below! We need people of honesty and integrity in office like Bob Hugin!

Bob Menendez and the Shame of the Star-Ledger

OCTOBER 29, 2018

Compromising and unconvincing.

It is a testament to the unexpected closeness of the race for U.S. Senate in New Jersey that the leading daily newspaper in the Garden State, the Star-Ledger, felt compelled to festoon its rote endorsement of Senator Bob Menendez with unconvincing apologetics.

In an editorial uninspiringly entitled “choke it down, and vote for Menendez,” which the paper illustrated with images of the senator evincing pain and embarrassment as he threw himself upon the mercy of the editorial board, the Star-Ledger nevertheless tried to convey how important it was to vote for the crook.
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