Touching story from Hillsdale College – students who love the Constitution

We received this touching email from Hillsdale College and it was too great not to share. We hope you enjoy it and it gives you faith in future generations (note: some details edited to protect the names in the email):

As of this week, over 390,000 pocket constitutions have been sent to students across the United States (from Hillsdale College)! And grateful teachers have asked us to share the stories of how they’ve been used. Here’s one of my favorites:

An 8th grade teacher said she uses pocket constitutions in her classroom as a “rite of passage” for her civics students. The national anthem is playing in the background as each student is presented with their own pocket constitution. “They are usually beaming with patriotic pride that they have a personal copy of a document that means so much for our great nation, and have themselves learned the Preamble and the nuts and bolts of constitutional principles. ”

The teacher said she’s received comments from parents about how their students will pull out their pocket constitutions at the dinner table to contribute to family discussions of current events!

We hope that this kind of story brings you hope in a renewal of appreciation for the Constitution in K-12 students across the county. Here’s another one I’d like to share.

One of my team’s favorite moments this month was when we received 27 handwritten letters from fourth-grade students requesting a copy of the Constitution to study. We had the opportunity to write each one back, and it literally was the best part of our day. I hope this note helps you share a little in that joy. – Hillsdale College.

Sad news on the passing of Senator Bucco

Our thoughts go out to the entire Bucco family.

Please see this update from the Morris County YRs below:

Dear Friend of the Morris County Young Republicans,

The Morris County Young Republicans are saddened by the passing of Senator Tony Bucco.

Senator Bucco was an asset to so many Young Republicans over the years and supportive of all of our endeavors and pursuits. We will miss him. Please join us in keeping the Bucco family in your thoughts and prayers.


Sydney Ugalde

Chair, Morris County Young Republicans

The Argentina Lesson for American’s today

We recommend you watch this great video on Argentina’s history.  It was just earlier this century that it was the one of the richest countries in Americas, if not the world. But then Socialist policies were put in place and high-taxes to fund these programs, resulting in complete of their economy, high unemployment and inflation at 3000%.  And now the Democrats want these same policies in our country today.  Those who don’t learn the lessons of history are due to repeat it!

Hong Kong Fights for it’s Rights and Freedom

We hope you are following the very inspiring mass movement in support of Democracy, rights and freedom in Hong Kong. Hong Kong protesters are waiving American Flags and asking for the help of the Trump Administration  (video here) in the face of suppression of their civil rights from the communist government of China. We recommend all American patriots reflect on why we can’t take our own rights for granted (see a great note on this from the Tea Party here), and consider ways we can support their fight for liberty (like in this opinion piece from the Washington Examiner).