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Democrat politicians in Trenton have come together on yet another income tax and another election year tax gimmick. 

Check out this quote from NJGOP Chairman Steinhardt responding to the new tax:

“Blink and you’ll miss the next Trenton tax hike. That’s how fast Phil Murphy and his Democrats are spending your money. Let’s be clear, these newest tax schemes will land in the same place every other Democratic tax scheme lands: in the pockets of New Jersey’s middle class. At a time when Trenton should practice restraint and find creative ways to spend less so you can save more, they don’t, can’t and won’t. NJGOP will continue the fight for leadership that will have the government give back to the people when times are tough, not ask even more of our overburdened citizens.”


Senator Kean’s new ad can be found here – for other GOP congressional ads please visit NJGOP.org

Bucco: Murphy Shouldn’t Divert Clean Communities Funding & Undo Decades of Environmental Progress

Senator Anthony M. Bucco said Governor Phil Murphy shouldn’t divert budget funds that have been dedicated for decades to a statewide litter abatement program that has helped to clean-up New Jersey while providing savings for property taxpayers.

“Over the past several decades, New Jersey has made great strides through the Clean Communities program to collect litter, educate residents, and protect our environment,” said Bucco (R-25). “The program has been so successful that no governor or Legislature has proposed cutting funding over the past two decades, even in the toughest of fiscal times. I’m sure that if Governor Murphy takes the time to examine the many successes of Clean Communities, he’ll understand why there has long been bipartisan opposition to raiding the program’s dedicated funds for other purposes.”

Clean Communities is New Jersey’s only statewide, comprehensive, litter abatement program. The program provides grants to municipalities and counties, allowing local governments to fund trash cleanups along roadsides and around stormwater drains without imposing an additional burden on property taxpayers.

Click here to view 2020 Clean Communities grant awards.

In his FY 2021 State Budget proposal, Governor Murphy proposed diverting $10 million from Clean Communities — half of the program’s annual funding — to support unrelated executive branch payroll expenses.

“Everyone’s budgets are tight these days, but that doesn’t mean we should gut funding for a program that has continually produced such an amazing benefit for both the New Jersey environment and our property taxpayers,” added Bucco. “I urge the governor to rethink his budget and join us in protecting New Jersey Clean Communities.”

recent editorial by Pat Ryan, the first president of the New Jersey Clean Communities Council, highlighted the massive long-term environmental progress achieved by the Clean Communities program and called for the funding to be restored.


Candidate Spotlight

Billy Prempeh takes pride in his conservative values and has been a Republican since 2009. He listens to his constituents and is committed to representing them on the issues they care about.

Campaign website: https://billy2020nj.com/
Donation link: https://secure.winred.com/the-billy-prempeh-for-congress-committee-inc/donate

Information on Voting in the 2020 Election and Secure Drop Boxes

Hello everyone –

The Somerset County Republican Organization provided the following information you might find helpful for the 2020 election.

First, here is information on voting by mail, returning your ballot, tracking your ballot and other helpful information: https://www.somersetcountygop.com/vote-2020

Second, here is information for secure drop boxes for your ballot in the County: https://www.somersetcountygop.com/drop-boxes

Please note that Bernardsville has a drop box at the Borough Hall:

Bernardsville Borough Hall, 166 Mine Brook Road

Anthony Suriano, Township Clerk 

(908) 766-3000 ext. 141

NJGOP update for this week

Hi everyone – wanted to pass on this week’s update from the NJGOP:

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Happy Labor Day weekend. 

Experts and studies continue to raise red flags over Governor Murphy’s spending and borrowing habits.

Today, business relocation expert John Boyd said that Governor Murphy’s proposed budget effectively takes New Jersey “off the table” for businesses looking at relocating here. Watch the interview here.

Yesterday, a survey of 892 New Jersey CPAs found that the vast majority of them opposed Governor Murphy’s $9 billion borrowing scheme. Read more here.

And earlier in the week, data from United Van Lines provided to Bloomberg News showed that 7 in 10 New Jersey citizens moving were actually moving out of the state. Read more here.

“Governor Murphy has failed to inspire confidence in New Jersey businesses and families,” said NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt. At one time New Jersey led the nation in the export of pharmaceuticals, goods and other services. Today, we lead the nation in the export of jobs and people. Our parents and grandparents can’t afford to retire here and our children and grandchildren can’t afford to start their lives here. Under Murphy’s reckless and irresponsible spending, New Jersey’s economy will continue to shrink and we’ll continue to devolve into FaceTime families. Next November, it’s Phil Murphy who needs to pack his bags.”

Bernardsville Republicans Diane Greenfield and JoAnne Robertson to Represent the Somerset County Republican Organization on the November 3, 2020 Ballot

The Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee is pleased to announce that JoAnne Robertson will join Diane Greenfield on the Republican Ballot for Borough Council this November.

JoAnne Robertson

JoAnne is a strong Republican bringing a solid background in the fields of education and finance to the campaign. With a Master’s Degree in Education and undergraduate degree in Communications, she brings a unique combination of talents to the Bernardsville Republican field.  

Joanne raised her family in the Borough, her children attended the local schools and is she is active in her church.

Diane Greenfield

Diane Greenfield, a former Borough Council member, and Joanne Robertson make a strong Republican team for the two Borough Council positions on the 2020 ballot. Their combined expertise, experience and enthusiasm are uniquely positioned to win and positively contribute to ensuring that Bernardsville continues to be a great place to live and raise a family.

When Diane served on the Borough Council voted against raising taxes and against allowing Marijuana Dispensaries to open in Bernardsville. Her commitment to our Borough includes voting in favor of the creation of active and passive recreation conforming to the Bernardsville Master Plan avoiding wasteful spending on pet projects.

JoAnne is a real “people person” who is honest, approachable and easy to talk to. She is a good listener, loves this town and will work to ensure that Bernardsville remains a safe, beautiful, and thriving for years to come.  Her commitment to getting the “job done” makes her a perfect fit for the Borough Council and our community. 

Both Diane and JoAnne are in favor of common sense downtown revitalization while preserving the “small town” feel of Historic Bernardsville. 

Diane Greenfield and JoAnne Robertson have great ideas, vision and a ‘can do’ attitude that will make for a bright future for Bernardsville.


Update from the NJGOP

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After several formal requests by the NJGOP (Steinhardt asks Justice Department to probe administration’s handling of long-term care facilities, FEMA funds and Steinhardt seeks probe of long-term facility deaths), the DOJ has begun the first phase of an investigation into the actions of the Murphy Administration that led to the deaths of over 7,000 seniors and veterans in New Jersey’s long term care facilities.

“The Murphy Administration turned veteran and senior homes into death traps by sending Covid-positive patients into these facilities against CDC guidance, and the families of the more than 7,000 victims deserve justice,” said NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt. “Thank you to the Department of Justice for hearing New Jersey’s cries for help.”

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