Donahue and Sems work toward Downtown solutions while O’Dea tries to steal the credit!

Tom O’Dea has been caught lying again.  He has been spewing misinformation that Republicans don’t care about the downtown and that the Democrats are the only ones that have done anything. In actuality, he is taking credit for the volunteerism of others, and specifically taking credit for the hard work of our Republican candidates for council and their bipartisan approach to problem solving.  

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No shame for the Democrats

Here is a must read opinion piece by Noah Rothman in Commentary Magazine, regard the Star Ledger’s shameful endorsement of Bob Menendez.  You can read it here in the magazine and we also copied it below! We need people of honesty and integrity in office like Bob Hugin!

Bob Menendez and the Shame of the Star-Ledger

OCTOBER 29, 2018

Compromising and unconvincing.

It is a testament to the unexpected closeness of the race for U.S. Senate in New Jersey that the leading daily newspaper in the Garden State, the Star-Ledger, felt compelled to festoon its rote endorsement of Senator Bob Menendez with unconvincing apologetics.

In an editorial uninspiringly entitled “choke it down, and vote for Menendez,” which the paper illustrated with images of the senator evincing pain and embarrassment as he threw himself upon the mercy of the editorial board, the Star-Ledger nevertheless tried to convey how important it was to vote for the crook.
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Democrats have doubled our Borough debt, and their policies will make the situation worse. Republicans will fix it.

The Democrats want to continue the record of the last Mayor and administration.  What is that signature accomplishment? Doubling our Borough debt. By our reckoning, the last Mayor, who was the Democratic nominee until replaced by O’Dea, has doubled our Borough’s debt burden to nearly $15 million dollars including the $1.2 million borrowed this year. That is almost $2,000 for every man, woman, and child in the borough without considering the associated $325,000 of annual interest to carry this debt.

What’s worse, this trend will carry on until 2020 with long term budget projections calling for another $2.7MM of additional debt.

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A perspective on the Rental Housing Issue…

The BRMC received this letter from a concerned citizen. Excellent points are made, so we wanted to share.  This is a key issue for our November election:

I am a relatively new resident of Bernardsville, having moved into the borough a little over four years ago. While there are times I couldn’t have imagined a better place to live and raise my family, things are not what people perceive in and around my neighborhood. 
My # 1  issue today is the continued deterioration of the housing situation, specifically the illegal overcrowding of rental properties in the borough. While most of this “stacking” has occurred in the section of the borough known as “Little Italy”, I see it spreading to other neighborhoods and is affecting every Bernardsville homeowner, no matter where you live.

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