Chairman Hugin Blasts Biden Admin’s Disastrous Handling of Afghanistan, Congressman Andy Kim’s Deafening Silence

August 15, 2021
Contact: Alex Wilkes, Communications Director 

Chairman Hugin Blasts Biden Admin.’s Disastrous Handling of Afghanistan, Congressman Andy Kim’s Deafening Silence

Today, New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Bob Hugin released the following statement amid the Taliban overrunning the Afghan capital of Kabul. 

“This is a sad and disastrous day for the United States. I say this not just as a veteran of the Untied States Marine Corps and Republican Party Chairman, but as an American citizen. The fact that nearly 20 years after the attacks of September 11th, the Biden Administration would allow the heinous and oppressive regime that harbored the terrorists who committed those attacks to re-take Afghanistan, threaten American personnel and our allies, and commit atrocities against women is an appalling and outrageous dereliction of duty. This is damaging to America’s reputation in the world, it’s harmful to our allies and is a colossal foreign policy blunder of the highest order.

“What’s equally appalling and outrageous is the fact that Congressman Andy Kim, who proclaims himself to be a national security expert and who represents a district home to countless active duty service-members and veterans, has been completely and totally silent on this disastrous failure. His silence and failure of leadership is second only to that of Joe Biden’s.”

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