Weekly updates from the NJGOP

Some important updates in this week’s newsletter from the NJGOP which we wanted to pass on:


Everyone here at the NJGOP mourns the loss of longtime State Senator Gerald Cardinale. Chairman Michael Lavery issued the following statement after the news of his passing:

“New Jersey has lost a truly iconic public servant and the Republican Party will sorely miss his leadership. Senator Cardinale has earned the trust of his constituents more often than any other GOP legislator in state history because he was an honest, dedicated and caring man. His legacy of conservative leadership in the state house will live on for generations to come. His family is in our thoughts and prayers.”

This week we saw the news that New Jersey Republicans have outpaced the Democrats in voter registration. We’ve also exceeded the democrats in registration growth rate for the better part of the last year. The election in November is crucial as it will decide the future of our state and it is important that we continue this trend to show the radical liberals in our state that the NJGOP is the stronger and more unified party. Your NJGOP held a take back the state voter registration drive this past week and we want to especially thank the hundreds of volunteers that helped out to call the thousands of voters. 

Also this week, the NJGOP was excited to announce its fourth annual Statewide Leadership Summit! It will be held on April 17th at Harrah’s in Atlantic City. We are offering both in person and virtual tickets, and you can reserve your spot by clicking HERE. Space is limited due to the pandemic. More information about the summit can be viewed at NJGOP.org/2021slsand we hope to see everyone, either in person or virtually, on April 17th!

Tickets on sale now!
Assembly Republicans to take part in independent hearings on Murphy administration’s pandemic responseAssembly Republicans will now take part in planned independent hearings on Gov. Phil Murphy administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Abuse at NJ women’s prison is the scandal Phil Murphy can’t brush offGov. Phil Murphy has been adept at containing scandal and controversy within his administration. He has a simple, corporate crisis-management strategy: Express shock and disgust about the latest revelation, hire a consultant or panel to investigate the issue, have them write a report, call for reform — and move on.
REPORT: Phil and Tammy Murphy’s soccer team cited in visa fraud probeThousands of dead seniors, destroyed businesses, and a culture of disturbing indifference to sexual assault are among the Murphy Administration’s mounting scandals heading into Election 2021. Here’s another:
Murphy’s ‘important issues’ out of touch with what NJ needs (Opinion) (NJ 101.5) Once upon a time, in a land known as New Jersey 101.5, you could “Ask The Governor” anything you wanted, and usually with his team around him or available by phone or text, you got results. Now, not so much. but there is a way you can give your feedback to Phil Murphy as he seeks reelection. That is if he lets you out of your house to vote. Oh yeah, you’ll probably be able to mail it in.

 After charges of toxic 2017 campaign, Murphy tries to turn a page — but new allegations emergeEven as the new campaign aims to make a fresh start, questions linger about the first campaign, and Gill, who remains an adviser to the governor and wields immense influence in New Jersey politics.
Working to take back NJ, one call at a time!

The NJGOP completed its successful Take Back the State voter registration drive on Saturday. We were able to make thousands of calls to voters across New Jersey and work to grow our party! Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers from all over New Jersey who joined us and a special shout-out to Assemblyman Brian Bergen for joining us on Saturday!
Smith calls on Army Corp and DEP to address 18′ cliffs on beach

“The safety and security of Bay Head’s residents and the surrounding community must be paramount.  We can’t leave these 18-foot cliffs exposed,” Smith said.

The Army Corp had initially determined that Winter Storm Orlena was not an emergency event that would trigger their immediate response. As a result of the meeting on Friday, which included members of the Bay Head Council, Ocean County Commissioner Joe Vicari and Assemblymen Greg McGuckin and John Catalano, commitments were made by the Army Corp and NJDEP to “both immediately address the safety concerns and to explore sustainable longer-term actions to mitigate beach erosion posed by future storms,” said Smith.

“Congressman Chris Smith came to the aid of Bay Head, again, when we needed him most,” Curtis said. “At our request, he convinced Lt. Colonel Park to travel to Bay Head to assess the damage to our beaches. Congressman Smith has always acted quickly, spoken decisively yet courteously to get things done that I could not accomplish without his intervention.”
News from the Statehouse

Kean & Bramnick Announce Expanded Independent Hearings of Murphy Administration’s COVID-19 Response
Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean and Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick announced planned independent hearings on the Murphy administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic would be expanded to include members of the Assembly Republican caucus.

Pennacchio Resolution Seeks to Put SALT Back on the Table for Tax-Weary NJ Residents
Sen. Joe Pennacchio introduced a resolution urging the U.S. Congress to reinstate the unlimited state and local tax deduction and provide relief for New Jersey’s overburdened taxpayers.

DeCroce says schools should skip standardized tests, focus on statewide plan to open schools
Forcing school children to take standardized tests this year would be an unnecessary burden heaped on students, parents and teachers, says Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce, a member of the Joint Committee on Public Schools.
Testa: How Big Is John Kerry’s Carbon Footprint?
As the Senate prepares to vote on legislation designating “Personal Carbon Footprint Awareness Day,” Senator Michael Testa (R-1) pondered the size of John Kerry’s carbon footprint.
Bergen slams Assembly meeting shuffle over Dems’ pot fight
The cancellation of Assembly committees for the third time this month is facing criticism from Assemblyman Brian Bergen. All business is halted because people of the same party can’t get their act together,” said Bergen (R-Morris). “It’s embarrassing.”

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