Updates from the NJGOP

Hello All – we received a few updates from the NJGOP which we wanted to pass along. Please remember you can sign up for the newsletter directly at NJGOP.org.


Earlier this week President Biden was inaugurated. 

NJGOP Chairman Michael Lavery released the following statement regarding President Joe Biden’s inauguration:

“While we applaud President Joe Biden’s call for healing and unity, it rings hollow as he slowly reveals a very liberal agenda for his Presidency. New Jersey cannot afford his vision of draconian regulations, anti-business policies, new spending and tax hikes. Now, more than ever, our state must embrace New Jersey’s tradition of off-year elections, and provide a common-sense conservative check and balance to what we are about to see in Washington. We must elect Republicans up and down this state and throw Phil Murphy out of office.”

Biden sticks to vaccine goals nearly met by his predecessor

Even with vaccine shortages and bottlenecks in delivery, the pace needed to meet the new administration’s goal — 1 million doses administered per day — was already achieved Friday and four other days of the previous eight, according to Washington Post data. The accelerating speed of the program undercuts assertions by some Biden advisers that they were left no plan by the Trump administration and suggests they need only to keep their feet on the pedal to clear the bar they set for themselves.

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Biden’s centrist words, liberal actions

President Biden talks like a soothing centrist. He promises to govern like a soothing centrist. But early moves show that he is keeping his promise to advance a liberal agenda.

Why it matters: Never before has a president done more by executive fiat in such a short period of time than Biden. And those specific actions, coupled with a push for a more progressive slate of regulators and advisers, look more like the Biden of the Democratic primary than the unity-and-restraint Biden of the general election.

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Testa, Simonsen Bill Would Educate Students on Marijuana Risks

“As soon as the Legislature gets its act together, marijuana will be legal for adult use,” stated Testa. “That will send a dangerous message to school kids of all ages – that cannabis is safe and accepted. It is vital that our schools include instructions about the risks of marijuana use and its deleterious effects on brain development in young people. This education should be similar to the dangers of alcohol consumption and abuse.” 

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Connors, Rumpf & Gove: Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Aliens Should Be Delayed Indefinitely – Not Just Until May

In the best interests of New Jersey residents, Senator Christopher Connors, Assemblyman Brian Rumpf and Assemblywoman DiAnne Gove are calling on Governor Phil Murphy to shelve any effort to provide illegal aliens with driver’s licenses.

“How can the State even consider going through the process of giving illegal aliens, who will have limited documentation, if any, driver’s licenses knowing the bureaucratic train wreck that is to follow?

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Murphy’s ‘lack of imagination’ botches vaccine rollout says DiMaso, offers other state solutions

TRENTON, N.J. – A sluggish and disappointing rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine in New Jersey has frustrated residents and pushed Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso to demand Gov. Phil Murphy consider other efforts.

“The Murphy administration had months to devise a plan and the best they could do is a hodgepodge of convoluted websites that are impossible to navigate unless you’re an internet savvy millennial, and an ineffective prerecorded hotline,” said DiMaso (R-Monmouth). “Murphy needs to stop deflecting blame to the federal government and start taking some accountability by resolving the problems with the vaccine rollout.”

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Webber asks if Murphy is quarantining after traveling to D.C.

“We have watched over the past year as the governor has flouted the exact rules he forces everybody else to follow,” said Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris), who also referenced Murphy’s decision to take part in two protests in June defying his own order against large public gatherings and guidelines for social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic and of maskless and un-distanced photo ops with other politicians.

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