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On Friday, Governor Murphy said at a press conference that “N.J. would have ‘blood on our hands’ if we shut indoor dining, retail without stimulus money.” 

Republicans continue to beat the drum that Murphy is clamoring for more stimulus money, but at the same time, abusing the initial $2.4 billion in grants received from the CARES Act.

Over the weekend, Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean and Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick called for both houses of the New Jersey Legislature to hold a special session to redirect CARES act funding towards an emergency aid package to help small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Governor Murphy’s 2021 State Budget uses $450 million of CARES Act funding on State employee salaries. Despite $4 billion in borrowing and a multi-billion surplus, Governor Murphy continues to abuse CARES Act funding and let small businesses struggle. 

According to a report by the New Jersey State Auditor, barely 10% of the $2.4 billion of CARES Act money was deployed by the Murphy Administration as of September 30.

Since Governor Murphy received the CARES Act Funding, over 1.6 million New Jersey workers have filed unemployment claims and an untold number of small businesses have folded.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement:

“Nothing comes between Phil Murphy and his AOC style radical agenda, not even the well-being of struggling small businesses or frontline medical workers. Even Congress came together on the CARES Act without playing politics. But once that funding hit Governor Murphy’s bank account he used it for political stunts in election season and to fund his bloated state budget. Next time Phil Murphy complains about needing more federal funding, let’s all remember how he treated the CARES Act.”

Senate & Assembly Republicans Call for Special Legislative Session to Approve Emergency Aid for Small Businesses & Nonprofits Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick, Senate Republican Budget Officer Steve Oroho, and Assembly Republican Budget Officer Hal Wirths called for both houses of the New Jersey Legislature to hold a special session before Thanksgiving to approve an emergency aid package to help small businesses and nonprofits impacted by COVID-19. “Governor Murphy is right that struggling small businesses and nonprofits need immediate help, which is why we’re calling for a substantial portion of New Jersey’s remaining unspent CARES Act funds to be dedicated immediately for that purpose,” said Kean (R-21). “It’s imperative that the Legislature take action immediately to pass a substantial aid package that would protect employers, families, and the New Jersey economy. If the Democrats are willing to rush sessions to consider marijuana legislation, there’s no reason they can’t call the Legislature in to protect millions of jobs.”New Jersey received a $2.4 billion block grant through the federal CARES Act in April to provide emergency relief to local governments, small businesses, and nonprofits impacted by COVID-19.The Republican legislators called for an emergency session to consider S-3210, which appropriates $300 million of those federal block grant funds to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) to provide financial support, such as loans or grants, to small businesses and not-for-profit organizations for the costs associated with business operation interruptions caused by any State-required closures due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.“Many of our businesses are on the brink of permanent closure if they don’t get help,” said Bramnick (R-21).An analysis by the State Auditor found that the Murphy Administration had spent barely 10% of New Jersey’s CARES Act funds by the end of September.The Governor’s recently approved FY 2021 State Budget calls for $450 million of those relief funds to be spent on State employee salaries, despite a multi-billion surplus in the budget that continues to grow.“For months, we’ve been trying to get Governor Murphy to do the right thing and release CARES Act funds for their intended purposes of helping our economy stay afloat,” said Oroho (R-24). “Instead, the governor’s biggest dedication of relief funds has been to subsidize his own administration’s spending while he’s building a massive surplus that won’t help anyone. The Legislature needs to step in and correct course to prevent unnecessary harm to New Jerseyans who have already gone through so much.”Wirths said other states have been much more effective than New Jersey in distributing CARES Act funds.“Other states are recognizing that waiting for additional federal action is no longer a viable option, and that the economic cost of doing nothing will far outpace the cost of expanding grant programs,” said Wirth (R-24). “The governor is still considering more restrictions after what has already been a very hard year. Expanding our state grant program would send a lifeline to thousands of local businesses that are struggling to remain open right now.”

Democrat Mayor Blames Murphy For Crime Surge

According to a new report, Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh is blaming Governor Murphy’s early prisoner release program for the surge in gun crime. NorthJersey.com reports that more people have been shot in Paterson this year than at any other time in the past decade, according to city statistics.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt published an Op-Ed earlier this year exposing the shocking increase in gun crime and Governor Murphy’s refusal to get tough on chronic criminals.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released this comment:

“Governor Murphy lied to New Jersey and released violent criminals into our neighborhoods. His weak leadership and bad judgment make our communities less safe and put our families at greater risk. Now, even members of his own Party are crying out publicly, condemning his policies and highlighting his failures. Governor Murphy’s radical, liberal agenda rewards criminals and threatens innocent New Jerseyans. His reckless, unreasonable and unsafe ideas must end. New Jersey deserves government with guts. It’s time for Phil to go.”

Georgia On My Mind

The Georgia US Senate races are going to run offs on January 5, 2021. The GOP has 50 of the 100 Senate seats, so holding these two are critical and they need our help. There are two main things you can do to help. 

1. The RNC has asked states around the nation to dial into Georgia to turn out conservatives. Sign up to make phone calls into Georgia via Trump Talk by emailing Roxy@NJGOP.org

2. Contribute to the Georgia Battleground Fund, which is chaired by Governor Chris Christie and Karl Rove nationally, and our RNC Committeeman Bill Palatucci here in NJ.  You can contribute directly here: https://secure.winred.com/senate-georgia-battleground-fund/joint-cjc_bp

You can reach out to Nicole for more information on the Georgia Battleground Fund at  nicole@nicoledavidman.com

Steinhardt: Murphy Administration “celebrating its failure” as massive bond sale moves forward

The Murphy Administration moved this week on a $4 billion bond sale to plug a purported budget hole after the scheme survived a GOP legal challenge.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt, who is also expected to enter the 2021 gubernatorial race, criticized the move as not just a fiscally ruinous decision but also a failure of leadership.

“The Murphy administration celebrating its failure to spend responsibly proves just how out of touch with reality the Governor is. Instead of celebrating something meaningful, like a COVID plan that protects seniors, an economic plan that doesn’t kill the economy, or a spending plan that doesn’t break the bank, Murphy is celebrating securing a “low” interest rate, because he lacks the courage or financial discipline to make the kind of hard choices needed to protect taxpayers from billions more in debt. Murphy might be making his Wall Street cronies stronger and richer, but his bad decisions make New Jersey, and New Jerseyans, weaker and poorer.”

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