A few additional election updates from the NJGOP

Hello everyone – we thought it was important to pass on the latest from the NJGOP on the election:


It is two weeks since Election Day and about a week since my last update on the general election. A lot has happened since November 3, so I want to give you a brief update. 

First, the hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots that were uncounted last week are largely counted now and, as expected, were very favorable for Republicans. Our data in the lead up to Election Day indicated a late surge of GOP votes, and that proved to be true. County election boards are now on to counting provisional votes and are required to finish counting and certify the results by this Friday, November 20. 

Here are the most notable developments from around the State, in the last week:

  • Assemblywoman Dunn and Senator Bucco officially won their races. While the President lost LD25, these great candidates prevailed.
  • Morris County Freeholder Tayfun Selen won re-election. 
  • The Monmouth County team of Christine Hanlon, Lilian Burry, and Ross Licitra won their races.
  • Ed Ramsey has a strong lead in the Salem County Freeholder race and we expect him to win, expanding the Republican majority to 4-1.
  • In Atlantic County, John Risley has a strong lead in the Freeholder race and is expected to win. 
  • In NJ07, Senator Tom Kean Jr has cut 90% of Malinowski’s election night lead and is within 1% of pulling ahead. This race is one to closely monitor as the final ballots are counted. 

There are still tens of thousands of ballots that will be counted between today and November 20 and we’re closely watching county and municipal races across the State as our strong Republican candidates move into the lead. 

Additionally, we had a very informative conference call with Bill Stepien and Justin Clark, the President’s campaign manager and deputy campaign manager. They let us know that they are fighting hard in courts around the country to make sure every legal vote is counted. They are fighting to protect the rights of, of course, the President, but also candidates around the country in other states who have the right to a free and fair election. We remain thankful for their hard work and that of the President and Vice President. 

And finally, as many of you know, the Georgia US Senate races are going to run offs on January 5, 2021. The GOP has 50 of the 100 Senate seats, so holding these two are critical and they need our help. There are two main things you can do to help. 

1. The RNC has asked states around the nation to dial into Georgia to turn out conservatives. Sign up to make phone calls into Georgia via Trump Talk by emailing georgiavictory@gop.com

2. Contribute to the Georgia Battleground Fund, which is chaired by Governor Chris Christie and Karl Rove nationally, and our RNC Committeeman Bill Palatucci here in NJ. The below letter from Karl Rove has more information, and you can contribute directly here: https://secure.winred.com/senate-georgia-battleground-fund/joint-cjc_bp

You can reach out to Nicole for more information on the Georgia Battleground Fund at  nicole@nicoledavidman.com

As this unconventional election cycle comes to a close, you can be sure that the NJGOP and our team is going over our plans and activities from the previous year, analyzing the data we have presently, and doing an assessment of what worked and what needs to be reworked for the future. 2021 is right around the corner, and we’re already hard at work identifying vulnerable Democrats to unseat, including Governor Murphy, and building our war chest for the fight to come. 

Over the last three years we registered over 200,000 new Republicans in NJ, erasing 23 years of lost registrants. Whole we scored some great wins this year, we still have a long way to go.  We won’t take our foot off the gas as we continue our fight to turn New Jersey red. Thank you for standing with us and for your continued support. 

Thank you, 

Chairman Doug Steinhardt

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