Our Founding Fathers on electing the President – Federalist #68

Our Founders were very much like you and I, but with a profound insight and knowledge of human nature.

When devising our US government, Alexander Hamilton wrote many of the collection of essays now known as The Federalist Papers. This collection was the “blogs” of those times and wrote his “essays” under the pen name of “Publius”.

Under the present and uncertain circumstances surrounding the 2020 presidential election, it might help to understand that the Founders of our great nation understood unchanging human nature and set a path to remedy the presidential or “chief magistrate” election complications we find ourselves in today. I encourage you to follow this link and read carefully Federalist #68 written by Hamilton March 12, 1788 (Source: Avalon Project, Yale Law School).

It is as applicable today as it was in Hamilton’s time.


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