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Hello all – we wanted to pass on this important update from the NJGOP:

Note From NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt


It has been nearly a week since the polls closed on Election Day, and much has happened. I want to take this opportunity to give you an update on where we stand. 

First and foremost, thank you to our grassroots activists, candidates, county and municipal committees, and Republicans around the state for hanging tough as results develop. You and your teams are the heart and soul of this party and I could not be more thankful. 

On Election Day Congressman Jeff Van Drew held a large lead, and Amy Kennedy has finally conceded the race. Freeholder Shaun Van Doren romped to victory. Congressman Smith scored another dominating win. Clerk Christine Hanlon earned herself another term. Lori Ciesla earned herself a spot on the Warren Freeholder board. Freeholder Joe Vicari and Clerk Scott Colabella were victorious. Local teams in Bernards, Woodstown, Chester, Buena Vista, Randolph, Raritan, Harding, Holmdel and many others either cemented their wins or will in the near future. Many, many other great Republicans were victorious around the state. 

As I mentioned in my previous message, results are trending in our direction as more ballots are counted. This is because most counties began counting ballots in chronological order, and Democrats returned their ballots in bulk, early, while the GOP returned our ballots, in equal measure, closer to Election Day. 

And we can see the tide continuing to turn. The below major races went from Republicans trailing to leading, since my last update: 

  • LD 25 New Jersey Senate
  • Monmouth Freeholders
  • Salem Freeholder 
  • Atlantic Freeholder 1

Additionally, we’ve gained significant ground in these races where, with ballots left to count, we can earn wins:

  • LD 25 New Jersey Assembly 
  • Morris Freeholder
  • Atlantic Freeholder 2
  • Salem Surrogate
  • Gloucester Freeholders

In the closest Congressional races, margins continue to tighten too. 

  • Tom Kean Jr was down nearly 30,000 votes on Election Night, and now trails by just 16,000, cutting Malinowki’s lead by 50%. That gap will continue to close. 
  • Rosemary Becchi has taken the lead in a portion of the district, and closed the gap substantially district-wide. 
  • Frank Pallotta has won three of the four counties in the 5th congressional district, and is closing the gap in Bergen county. 
  • David Richter continues to close the gap as more votes are counted and has cut into Kim’s lead substantially. 

We are paddling upstream, but we are still rowing our oars and, as Republicans, need to row them in the same direction. 

On the Presidential race, let us make this much clear: the media does not determine the President of the United States, the voters do. Votes are still being counted in New Jersey and around the country, and no elections have been certified yet. Everyone, Republican and Democrat, deserves assurance that elections are conducted fairly and that every legal vote is counted. That’s true whether your candidate is ahead or behind in the race. In South Jersey, Amy Kennedy waited until well after the race was “called” and the outcome was certain before making her concession. President Trump has asked courts to review allegations in NV, PA, WI and MI, and the law allows those processes to play themselves out. They will. As we’ve seen all too often in NJ, in prosecutions in Paterson and dumped ballots in North Arlington and West Orange, fraud is real. Compounding the problem is Phil Murphy’s rush to an all vote by mail election without taking any steps to clean up NJ’s decades old voter rolls to prevent or preclude the types of allegations we hear daily about illegal, duplicate and unauthorized ballots and voting. 

Thank you all for hanging tough as we work through the back end of an unprecedented election. Our Republican candidates fought tooth and nail to get wins for the GOP, and every day that passes, every batch of votes that’s counted, tightens a margin or brings us a win. 

It’s an honor to be your Chairman, even in tough times, and to work with you to fight for our great State. We know that the Republican path for New Jersey is the right one and the only way that will make New Jersey safe, free and affordable. 

Thank you, 

Chairman Doug Steinhardt

Testa Blows The Lid Off COVID Positive Prisoner Scandal

Senator Michael Testa has released an internal Murphy Administration memorandum detailing plans to release COVID-positive inmates at bus and train stations tomorrow with no warning to the general public.

This comes on the heels of an announced Federal Investigation into the Murphy Administration ordering COVID positive patients into long term care facilities, resulting in the death of more than 7100 veterans and vulnerable adults.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt offered the following comment:

“Governor Murphy is killing New Jersey: it’s economy and residents. Now, he’s been caught trying to secretly release COVID positive criminals into your communities. Under a made up, COVID credit program, Murphy is releasing thousands of violent criminals tomorrow, not because they paid their debt to society, showed remorse for their crimes, or even behaved while behind bars, but solely because they were imprisoned during a pandemic. A secret DOC memo made public by Senator Michael Testa makes clear that many of the prisoners Murphy’s letting loose are being released COVID-positive, into close quarter transportation centers like train stations and bus stops. This Governor’s mismanagement is as criminal as the criminals he’s letting out sick onto our streets. If our courts won’t prosecute him, we can’t elect him.  Send the first message today with Republican victories across the state.”

The Trump Administration Scores Another Win for Peace
“We congratulate Sudan, Israel, and the United States on another landmark diplomatic agreement. The exchange of full diplomatic relations between Sudan and Israel is the third such Israeli-Arab agreement in two months. This achievement is not only historic but also morally and mutually beneficial,” the Washington Examiner editorial board writes.
“These are real and significant diplomatic triumphs for which the Trump administration deserves much credit . . . . Well done, Sudan. Well done, Israel. Well done, America.”
Click here to read more.  “Last week’s rioting in Philadelphia barely registered on the national consciousness. In two days of mayhem, over 200 business establishments—liquor stores, Dollar Stores, sneaker stores, banks, clothing stores, and restaurants—were looted and torched; 57 officers were injured,” Heather Mac Donald writes. “Putting a lid on such reporting is not a public service.” Read more in City Journal. “No matter where you stand, the truth is that arbitrarily halting oil and natural gas development would do serious harm to our economy, jeopardize America’s post-pandemic recovery, and deny ourselves of a critical innovation engine for cleaner technologies,” Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette writes for The Hill. “Progressives in California in recent years have strengthened property rights—to other people’s property. Shoplifting has essentially been decriminalized, and retailers that apprehend thieves can be sued . . . In short, trying to protect one’s property can be a criminal offense,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes. 
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