Judge Amy Coney Barrett one step away from becoming Justice Barrett!

The Senate vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett will occur tomorrow, October 26th, so in anticipation of her confirmation, we wanted to provide some must-read articles and information on her.

Hopefully you saw that a majority of voters now want Amy Coney Barrett approved by the Senate in recent polls (read more here). It’s no wonder when you read about her impressive life and accomplishments (this NY Post article provides a great overview), as well as the number of former colleagues who have endorsed her, commenting on her intellect, compassion and capability.

If you would like to read more, here is a great article and a video in her own words which provide insight on the type of leader she is, and Justice she will be:

Amy Coney Barrett, in Her Own Words (Heritage Foundation)

Judge Barrett’s Reflections at Hillsdale College:

We are very excited to have Amy Coney Barrett join the Supreme Court, and wish her luck in her confirmation tomorrow!

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