BRMC Endorses Timothy Howes for Chairman of the Somerset County Republican Organization

obs1025howesrvcctrusteejpg-67f822a2810fa6d6Timothy Howes, Esq. is running for Chairman, Somerset County Republican Organization this year. The election will be held on Thursday, July 23 at a “virtual” meeting of the Somerset County Committee Members. Tim is hoping to be successful in the election replacing outgoing six-term Chairman, Al Gaburo who is not seeking another term. A full slate of candidates on the Executive Board is also on the ballot running on a “Unity 2020” platform.

Together with his wife, Kathy and their two children, the Howes family has lived in Peapack-Gladstone for 29 years. Tim and his wife have a law firm, Howes & Howes, located in Raritan, NJ specializing in real estate, family law and estate administration. Tim also specializes in election law.

Tim’s public service has included one term on the Peapack-Gladstone Borough Council, six years as a trustee a the RVCC, one term as a community trustee at Carrier Clinic as well as time on boards and commissions in P-G. Tim’s favorite public services activities have involved coaching recreational, travel and AAU sports teams.

As part of Tim’s election law practice, he served as both Special Council and General Counsel to the NJGOP, General Counsel to the Somerset County GOP an as an advisor to local and Presidential campaigns. Tim has broad knowledge of campaigns around the County serving as political advisor and fundraiser. With this background, Tim is well suited to run for County GOP Chairman.

Tim’s leadership plan for the SCRO includes raising funds and investing in innovative digital messaging strategies for our county and local campaigns. His plan will also invest in Republican Party building and “mastering” the mail-in ballot.

“Right now, the organization is blessed with talent in many different areas. We are going to unleash that talent and all the resources that we can muster to win in the new Somerset County. I can make you one promise: My executive committee will roll up their sleeves and work hard alongside our candidates, and we can tell the story of how Republican leadership has made Somerset County one of the most desirable places to live in the nation”, Tim enthusiastically states.

The BRMC believes Tim Howes will deliver on his promises and we support his candidacy for Chairman of the Somerset County Republican Organization.

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