Update from Assemblywoman Dunn

Hello – we wanted to provide a few updates from Assemblywoman Dunn’s latest newsletter…

Monthly Update

The month of May brought us promise as COVID cases and hospitalizations reached an all time low since the pandemic’s outbreak in March. We have entered June, however, with a collective anguish over the unrest in our nation. From despair comes healing. Let’s stay the course together! 

Economic well-being is paramount to a healthy and thriving society, which is why I persist in calling on the Governor to reopen. Although the Governor has provided a vague plan, it is not enough and needs more details. That is why I started an online petition for the public to call on the Governor to lay out a plan. After all, small business owners deserve that! You may find it here:


Listen here to the remarks I gave on the Assembly floor in opposition to a bill that would allow the Administration to borrow billions of dollars and create a statewide property tax to pay for it. This before offering a single reform to address our standing as fourth most indebted state and highest property taxes in the nation.


The handling of COVID-19 as it relates to nursing homes is troubling. That is why I joined with my colleagues in calling for an investigation into the state’s handling of nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Governor Murphy has signed an executive order making this year’s primary election (which has been moved to July 7) largely done by vote by mail. All voters registered to a party will be sent their parties mail-in ballot and those not registered to a party will receive a vote by mail application. More information can be found here:


Here is a link to a guide for filing for unemployment to ensure that you get your benefits ASAP: https://myunemployment.nj.gov/labor/myunemployment/covidinstructions.shtml

For all official updates and important information, please visit the New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub:


Dunn in the News

Dunn sponsored bill providing aid for college students signed into law


Dunn, out of COVID quarantine, urges business to keep pushing recovery needs


Dunn speaks out against Governor’s double standard


Legislative Update

I’d like to share some of the non-coronavirus legislation I am working on:


A3916-Provides act of domestic violence or child endangerment committed during state of emergency may be classified one degree higher than underlying offense.


Child abuse is one of the most evil actions one can commit. During times of emergency this is even worse, as there is no where for the child to go for safety. That is why the penalties for committing such a horrible act during times of emergency should be increased.


A4120Establishes toll free helpline for first responders, health care workers, and other frontline workers experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.


Those on the front lines are putting their lives at risk and are facing extremely high levels of stress right now. They need mental health support always, but that has been exemplified by our current circumstances. We must provide mental health support for these heroes.


A4195-Allows commercial property owners to claim certain amounts of commercial tenant rent forgiveness during COVID-19 emergency as deduction against property owner’s income under CBT or GIT.


This is a tough time for everyone. We should be encouraging those who can help others to do so.

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