News updates from NJGOP

We hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend.

Passing on some selected updates from the NJGOP for the week:

In case you missed it yesterday, on behalf of shuttered employers and some 1.1 million unemployed workers from around New Jersey, Chairman Doug Steinhardt and the NJGOP have joined forces with a group of small business owners and filed a lawsuit against Governor Phil Murphy and his Administration. Plaintiffs’ claims challenge the Governor for creating arbitrary and capricious classes of employers and employees and enacting and enforcing unconstitutional executive orders that deny millions of New Jerseyans equal protection under the law.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt said:

“Governor Murphy has irreparably harmed New Jersey small businesses by arbitrarily declaring some essential and others non-essential.  While mom and pop barbers, bars, brew pubs and retail shops are shuttered and struggling, big box stores, with big cash cushions, survive. Governor Murphy has callously covered his ears, closed his eyes, and ignored New Jersey’s cries for honest answers to real problems. The Covid crisis has created challenges for governments everywhere, but forty-nine other states are making progress, while New Jersey flounders. Governor Murphy could be guided by science,  but instead hides behind it.”

NJGOP In The News!

CNN: New Jersey Republicans sue governor over business closures N.J. Republicans sue Murphy to force him to reopen small businesses NJ GOP, business owners sue Murphy over stay-at-home order

CBS Philly: New Jersey Republicans Sue Gov. Phil Murphy On Behalf Of Shuttered Small Businesses


WHYY: GOP sues Murphy to reopen small businesses

NJ Globe: NJ GOP suit seeks to end business closures

Save Jersey: Republicans, N.J. businesses file suit against Murphy challenging constitutionality of closures

Spadea: GOVERNOR MURPHY GETS SUED, FINALLY (OPINION) NJ Republicans Sue Murphy To Reopen Small Businesses

Politico Pro: New Jersey GOP sues Murphy to allow businesses to reopen

InsiderNJ: Describing NJGOP Lawsuit, Testa Turns Murphy’s Sports Analogies Against Him

Stories President Trump Wants You To See

In Michigan Visit, Trump Calls for Americans to Get Back to Work, Expects ‘Epic’ Comeback
Detroit Free Press
“Making his first visit to Michigan since the coronavirus pandemic began in the U.S., President Donald Trump on Thursday praised the ingenuity and pluck of Ford Motor Co. and its employees for turning its Ypsilanti components plant into a ventilator factory,” Todd Spangler reports. Ford and GE are jointly producing 50,000 ventilators.

Susan Rice’s Mysterious Email
The Wall Street Journal
“The larger truth here is now undeniable: The Obama Administration spied on the political competition, it continued that spying even after Mr. Trump was elected, and then it tried to cover up what it had done,” The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes.

Trump is Right to Hold WHO Accountable
Washington Examiner
“President Trump’s effort to hold the World Health Organization accountable for its bungled handling of the coronavirus is well justified. It is outrageous to expect taxpayers to continue supporting an international body that acts as a lap dog for Beijing,” the Washington Examiner editorial board writes.

It’s Okay to Acknowledge Good COVID-19 News
National Review
“The coronavirus has taken a heartbreaking toll on Americans, but the course of the virus is not the same as it was a few months ago. We are on the other side of the curve. There are encouraging signs all over the country, and no early indications of a reopening debacle,” Rich Lowry writes. “The question now is whether the media and political system can absorb good news on the virus, which is often ignored or buried under misleading storylines.”

Public-Private Partnerships Will Lead Recovery
The Detroit News
“It took nearly a decade for Michigan’s small businesses to fully recover from the Great Recession of 2008-09. I’m optimistic these vital businesses will bounce back much quicker this time, thanks in large part to the indisputable success of the Paycheck Protection Program,” Small Business Administrator Jovita Carranza writes.

The RNC’s Charlotte Host Committee, (CLT Host 2020, Inc.) is working to identify the 8,000 volunteers that will be necessary to support next year’s convention. And they’re taking applications NOW.

Click here to sign-up and create your profile that will register you into the official volunteer database, managed and operated by the local Host Committee. In the coming months they will be in contact with potential volunteers with more information on specific opportunities, locations, and availability.

So be sure and visit their website today & sign up to be a part of history!

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