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NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement in response to Governor Murphy pointing fingers at the federal government for New Jersey’s poor economic outlook:

“The NJGOP joins Governor Phil Murphy in seeking the dollars New Jersey needs to recover from the COVID19 crisis. New Jersey businesses and families are struggling in one of the hardest hit states in the country, and we are facing some hard truths as a result.

“There is no truth, however, in the Governor’s attempts to lay blame for the consequences of the State’s economic crisis at the feet of the federal government. If it happens that New Jersey is forced to lay-off teachers, cops, firefighters and paramedics, the very people who are on the front lines fighting this pandemic, those consequences were facilitated over decades by a Democrat controlled legislature and for the last two and half years by a Governor whose spending was unrestrained.

“New Jerseyans have been paying more than their fair share of taxes for a long time, and it’s right that those dollars come back home. But, they need to be used responsibly, to prop up failing businesses and hungry families, not to justify or prop up a bloated spending system that was broken long before the COVID19 crisis came along and exposed it.”

NJGOP In The News!

GOP: Don’t let Murphy raise your taxes and borrow billions

By NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt

Almost one year ago, Moody’s Investor Service published a report that warned New Jersey is the least prepared state in America to handle a recession. They specifically cited small cash reserves and our enormous pension liability as the main reasons for our vulnerability. Then, this week, amid the economic fallout of the coronavirus, Moody’s lowered New Jersey’s outlook to “negative” and warned “significantly reduced liquidity levels” and increased cash-flow borrowing could spur a credit downgrade. Sadly, New Jerseyans are accustomed to bleak outlooks of our state’s economic forecast. However, it is avoidable.

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Polling Update!

Monmouth University released a poll this week that showed continued momentum for the NJGOP. Coming off our largest legislative gains in 28 years, we are well positioned to be competitive in our swing Congressional districts and help deliver a House majority for President Trump.

The cumulative generic ballot margin in the state’s five competitive House districts is 46 percent Republican to 45 percent Democrat. At this point two years ago, Democrats in those five combined districts had a seven-point lead.

Legislative Spotlight

Senator Michael Testa: Calls for Investigation of NJDOC’s Mishandling of COVID-19 Response

Senator Michael Testa (LD-1) renewed his call for the New Jersey Department of Corrections to implement extensive COVID-19 management plans. The Senator is seeking an immediate investigation of the NJDOC’s overall handling of virus infections within the system.

Sen. Testa said the New Jersey Department of Correction must take immediate steps to protect inmates and correction officers from the coronavirus with a comprehensive COVID-19 management plan. (Flickr)

“The Department of Corrections has failed to protect its inmates, correction officers and the communities where the officers live with their families,” said Senator Testa. “It is indefensible. Due to close confines and the extremely viral nature of COVID-19, the health of all who work or are incarcerated in NJDOC’s facilities must be the highest priority. This is a potentially fatal illness that must be contained effectively.”

On March 31, Senator Testa demanded that the NJDOC do a better job protecting corrections officers and their families amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He has called on the department to enact a variety of measures to help slow the spread in state prisons.

“My urging for a comprehensive coronavirus plan has been ignored,” Senator Testa said. “It is time to investigate the department’s laissez faire approach now, before we have a full-blown crisis in our prisons.”

According to reports, at least 14 State prisoners have died from coronavirus.

Senator Testa noted that New Jersey’s COVID-19 dashboard now includes a section on Long Term Care facilities and calls for the prison system data to be included in the dashboard.

Recently, allegations surfaced that a South Jersey Corrections officer was denied a test for coronavirus.

“As the world continues to learn how to deal with this pandemic, our Freeholder Board is increasingly concerned with the health and safety of our corrections officers. We consider them to be first responders who are entitled to be tested at our drive-through testing facility located at Rowan College of South Jersey – Cumberland Campus in Vineland,” stated Cumberland Freeholder Director Joseph Derella.

To receive testing, individuals must be symptomatic and request an appointment to be screened by completing the form at CompleteCareNJ.org or calling (856) 451-4700.

Senator Testa is sponsoring legislation, S-2359, which would require the New Jersey Department of Health to conduct coronavirus disease 2019 testing for first responders, including Correction Officers.

“Our nurses and doctors, first responders, and law enforcement should never be denied testing, especially when they believe they are symptomatic,” Testa added. “They are on the front lines each and every day. They 100 percent deserve our protection from coronavirus.”


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