COVID-19 Update from Assemblywoman Aura Dunn

Assemblywoman Dunn sent the following information in her recent newsletter which we would like to pass on:

A lot has changed since last month due to COVID-19. Here is some important information to keep in mind during this trying time.

For all official updates and important information, please visit the New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub:

Due to the virus, New Jersey will be extending it’s tax deadline to July 15, the same as the federal extension. More information can be found below:

We have a large number of pharmaceutical companies in the area that are doing what they can to fight against COVID-19 and aid a community in need. You can keep track of their coronavirus responses here:

Celularity, founded by District 25’s own Dr. Robert Hariri, has gotten FDA clearance to begin testing a treatment for coronavirus. Keep up the the good work!

Dunn in the News

Dunn bill ensuring access to school meals during coronavirus closures passes, now law

Dunn joins in Morris Habitat for Humanity Women Build Day

Legislative Update

I’d like to share some of the non-coronavirus legislation I am working on:

A2034-Decreases from 55 days to 21 days minimum time required to change political party affiliation prior to primary.

Encouraging civic participation should be a priority of those in charge. This bill does just that, by making it easier for individuals to vote in primaries.

A2961-Requires annual suicide prevention training for mental health practitioners.

We have a mental health crisis on our hands. Suicide rate, especially among our youth, are far too high. This bill is aimed at better identifying those who may be struggling with their mental health in order to get them the help they need.

A3481-Authorizes municipality to deliver property tax bills, construction permits, and receipts for payment via e-mail.

As technology continues to rapidly advance, we need to keep up with the times. This bill would allow towns the option of utilizing e-mail to provide important documents to their citizens.

Good Deed of the Month

Please keep the incredible healthcare workers in your thoughts and prayers, as they are working long hours and putting themselves at risk to take care of those infected by this virus. We owe them a tremendous debt.  Thank you!

Send me your Good Samaritan stories at

Need help or have a question?

My District Office is located at 1040 Route 10 West, Randolph, NJ, 07869

Phone: 973-927-2526 Email:

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