We are all in this together

With so much information and disinformation coming from the media today about the  coronavirus public health emergency (COVID-19), I would like to reach out to all and remind everyone that we are all in this together. As small as Bernardsville is, we have a global reach. We travel, go to school and college, meet people, young and old, but we are all tied together in a common bond, our humanity. When a situation of this gravity and magnitude comes along, we show our true humanity by looking after one another, taking common sense approaches to maintain our health and be mindful of the vulnerable in our neighborhoods.

This is no time for panic, but time to carefully and thoughtfully plan our way forward over the coming weeks and months. Personally, I am an optimist, and believe this too shall pass. We in America are blessed with the best healthcare system and medical research and development on the planet. By working together, checking on our neighbors especially our elderly and infirm, we will come through this “crisis” stronger and more resilient. The TV and internet coverage is confusing at best. I encourage everyone to educate themselves and check out the latest information on the COVID-19
outbreak on www.coronavirus.gov . This CDC site is recommended as the ‘go-to’
government information center for the public. Staying informed is the best medicine right now.

Change is always unsettling and scary. For some of us, we are working from home, kids are not attending school and our life has changed in ways we would not have imagined just a few short months ago. I am inspired by an article shared by Chester Township Mayor Marcia Asdal entitled “This Can Be Our Finest Hour” at www.grownandflown.com/finest-hour-covid-19 . I hope you will be too.

Finally, it is important to support the immense efforts by President Trump, his Administration and the special Coronavirus Task Force to contain the outbreak and ultimately find a vaccine and treatment.

Stay safe, stay positive and stay informed. We are all in this together!

Karen Gardner
Chairman, Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee

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