Assemblyman Bucco offers statement on Bhimani and Draeger’s phony position on school funding


BOONTON, NJ – Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco released the following statement regarding Darcy Draeger and Lisa Bhimani’s phony call yesterday to fully fund 25th district schools:

“I’m glad that my two opponents finally decided to join me in calling for fairer school funding. They’re correct – school funding has become a major issue early on in the campaign,” said Bucco. “Here’s the problem: when pressed multiple times earlier this month, my opponents refused to tell the taxpayers of this district how they would vote on the very budget that guts our district’s public schools in the first place. All in order to appease both sides of the Trenton Democratic divide.”

“Bhimani and Draeger love their platitudes and vanilla talking points, but when push comes to shove, voters need to know whether or not they support Murphy and the disastrous Democratic school funding formula. They should answer that question before they attack me for sticking up for my district’s students, parents and teachers.”

“Nobody knows their true position, which has become the theme of their campaign. I voted no and Brian Bergen said he would have as well. This is just another example of my opponents saying or doing anything to get elected while their very own party’s policies are killing this district more by the day.”


About Assemblyman Anthony Bucco

Anthony Bucco has dedicated a lifetime to serving others – including as a 39-year volunteer fireman, longtime Rotarian, and founding member of Daytop NJ – to his role today serving as a commonsense, bipartisan voice in the State Assembly. As a municipal law expert, he works for better policies to control property taxes, and has been a leading voice in Trenton to make New Jersey more affordable for families and businesses. Anthony is a cancer survivor and proud husband, father of six and grandfather of three.

For More Information Visit his website –

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