BRMC Endorses Jena McCredie and Chad McQueen for Borough Council

The Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee Endorses Jena McCredie and Chad McQueen for Borough Council
Bernardsville, NJ; April 2, 2019— Last week the Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee (BRMC) met to screen candidates for the expiring Borough Council seats. At that meeting, the BRMC endorsed two residents whose names will be forwarded to the Somerset County Republican Organization for inclusion on that line in the upcoming June 4th Primary. These seats are currently held by Republican Council members Diane Greenfield and Chris Schmidt.

Mr. McQueen told the BRMC that “I’m excited to be endorsed as a candidate for Borough council. My wife and I moved to Bernardsville because of the small community, outstanding school system and rising housing market.” He also added, “We felt Bernardsville was a place where we wanted to raise our kids. Unfortunately, I have seen many of the reasons we moved here change over the last five years. Our downtown is no longer vibrant, home owners have seen their values decline at a rate disproportionate to neighboring towns and our school system is starting to slip in statewide rankings. This is all happening while our municipal tax rate grows at a higher rate than our neighboring towns. Our community is at a critical juncture. Our downtown revitalization project is out to bid.” Chad, who is the current Chairman of the Housing, Property and Zoning Compliance Advisory Committee, stated that “our zoning and housing ordinances are changing but require strict enforcement to accommodate commercial and residential growth. In addition, our affordable housing requirements need to be addressed in thoughtful ways. I’m running to make the tough decisions that are needed to move Bernardsville in a positive direction. It’s encouraging that I have the full support of the Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee.”

Mrs. McCredie told the Committee after the results of the screening were announced that, “Although I’m typically not outspoken on political issues, I am passionate about our community. As a graduate of Bernard’s High School, my husband and I decided to move to 
the Borough seven years ago. With my parents and sister nearby, it was an easy decision. Unfortunately, property values and school ratings have dropped. As my children have engaged with youth sports, I have noticed the facilities and recreation areas need attention.”

She added that “I am excited about this overwhelming endorsement and the journey ahead. We have our heads and hearts in the right place looking to generate demand for businesses and housing in Bernardsville. I will shortly be reaching out to the residents to get their feedback on what is most important to them in the short- and long-term future. We need residents that would like to be part of the solution. Anyone of them should reach out to me or Chad. Your opinions are welcome.”

BRMC Vice Chairman Karen Gardner added,” Jena and Chad have a forward thinking vision of what the borough’s needs are.” She added, “We need to finally get our municipal taxes under control and eliminate wasteful spending wherever it exists. Our top priorities continue to be the upgrading of our infrastructure and finally enforcing the rental housing laws and ordinances. The housing problems, the deteriorating school system and our rising tax rates are real and can no longer be ignored. “

She reiterated as she has done many times, “We need to give the taxpayers a better return on their municipal tax dollars. Why can’t we not only stop the rate of increased municipal spending over the last 10 years but work on lowering it in the next three?” The meeting was for BRMC members only. No reporter was invited or denied access as a local news outlet would want residents to think.

The Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee is comprised of male and female elected representatives from each of Bernardsville’s seven election districts. These Committeemen and Committeewomen promote the political philosophy of the Republican Party, assist in the election of qualified Republican candidates for public office, and provide for an active Republican voice in local, county and federal governments. 

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