Donahue and Sems work toward Downtown solutions while O’Dea tries to steal the credit!

Tom O’Dea has been caught lying again.  He has been spewing misinformation that Republicans don’t care about the downtown and that the Democrats are the only ones that have done anything. In actuality, he is taking credit for the volunteerism of others, and specifically taking credit for the hard work of our Republican candidates for council and their bipartisan approach to problem solving.  

If the Democrats took even 5 minutes to research the facts, they would have found that many concerned citizens on both sides of the aisle have been working towards a solution for quite awhile.
The truth is that it was Lloyd Sems and John Donahue who volunteered in a non-partisan spirit to work with Bob Frawley on the Mayor’s Economic Development Advisory Committee.  The group met regularly for a few months but fizzled and despite trying to convene the group time and again – in fact John and Lloyd contacted Bob and EDAC 6 times over 2 years – there was no effort from Kevin Sooy and Bob Frawley to keep the group going.
The Democrats have a history of creating these “pop-up” groups just before elections to demonstrate progress, and unsurprisingly  the new “downtown alliance” is the latest one.  Creating new organizations is not progress – actually seeing results is.  O’Dea and the Democrats have not delivered results. Donahue and Sems will.
How can you be sure?  Just ask one of the many volunteers in our Borough who we recruited for the work we talk about above.  People like Harold Imperatore, Eugene Kalkin, Kathy Palmer and Edward & Faina Shapiro.
Tom O’Dea and the Democrats continue to mischaracterize initiatives to make you think they want to find solutions. Do you want proof John Donahue and Lloyd Sems were part of the founders of EDAC? It’s right here on the Democrat party website!:
We will work with both parties – and anyone of good intention – who have an interest in making downtown revitalization a priority. And unlike the Democrats, who have been talking about or coopting the hard work of others for years — we will get results.

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