Welcome to the Republican Municipal Committee’s (BRMC) blog

Hello fellow Bernardsville residents. Welcome to the Republican Municipal Committee’s (BRMC) blog. We will try to update it every Monday throughout the 2018 election.

We will discuss important local, county, state and national issues each week of the 2018 campaign. Your feedback is encouraged and welcomed. So here we go.

A number of citizens have expressed to us their concern about both Kevin Sooy’s party switch and, even more serious, his “do nothing” job as Mayor of the Borough. Over the next few weeks, we will add some of our perspective on these two topics.  First, on his party switch:

We think it’s important to state that most of us at the BRMC are not disappointed.  For almost the entire time he has served on the governing body, beginning in Jan. 2008, he has pushed for bigger (but not better) municipal government and wasteful, poorly thought out spending. Kevin dismissed that would have cut spending and lower taxes. He panders to what he believed was the most popular idea of the day and does not exhibit the leadership we would expect from our Mayor.

His lack of vision and mediocre leadership led to poor governance, which our party could no longer accept. It was no secret that Kevin Sooy was not going to receive the nomination for another term as mayor from the Republican Party this past March. The BRMC began its search for a better GOP candidate, one who would represent our residents more effectively. Knowing this, he quickly cut a deal with the Democrats, securing his nomination from that party this year and most likely a promise for higher political opportunities at the County level (i.e., running for Sheriff next year). These were guarantees that the Republicans would have never have given, especially from someone so outside our residents’ mainstream values.

Republican leadership in the borough throughout its history has helped make Bernardsville into the special place it is over the years. His decision to switch parties turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as we have an impressive public servant as our candidate, former Councilwoman Mary Jane Canose. More about Mary Jane shortly.

Next week, we will review Kevin’s record as Mayor, specifically on taxes and spending.

Posted May 29th.  For questions, comments or feedback please contact Skip Orza at info@bvillegop.org

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